Feb 20, 2012

August 6, 1969: New Single


Jimmy Hilliard, Warner Bros.-7 Arts/Reprise Records singles mogul, announced last Monday that the Grateful Dead, long associated with hippiedom and venereal epidemics in the Haight and free concerts in Golden Gate Park and the crabs, have released an underground monster single, "Dupree's Diamond Blues", that will surely catapult them to the top of the nation's charts and endow them with some trace of respectability among the country's program directors.
"Dupree's", which comes from the group's hot-selling Aoxomoxoa album, is a surreally countryish tune with lots of funny string instruments doing intricate things behind the impassioned solo voice of Jerry (Captain Trips) Garcia.
The record is expected to get enormous airplay on easy-listening, top-40, C&W, and classical music stations.

(from "New Product," Warner Brothers Circular, August 6 1969)

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  1. Venereal epidemics and crabs? Crazy way to promote a band by a record company!