Aug 6, 2012

Index of Articles

This index will be kept updated as I add articles.

7/64 Mother McCrees Interview
6/5/65 "Temper Tantrum Rages," Cash Box (also 6/5/65 "Warlocks Cut Tantrum Disk," Billboard)  
11/65 Israel Young, "Frets and Frails," Sing Out! (excerpt) 
12/13/65 Ralph Gleason, "Lesson for the SF in the Mime Benefit," SF Chronicle - review of 12/10/65
1/66 Acid Test & Trips Festival articles, SF Chronicle - includes Gleason's articles "The Acid Test and Other Marvels" (1/7/66), "It Was Quite A Weekend!" (1/10/66), "One Wild Night - A Trips Festival" (1/24/66), "Censure, Praise for Trips Festival" (1/30/66), and the Trips Festival handbill; Mr. Jones, "The Trips Festival," Daily Californian (2/4/66); Mr. Jones, "Can You Pass the Acid Test?" Daily Californian (2/10/66); also "Innocent Bystander," Cincinnati Enquirer (1/22/66) and excerpts from "Author Kesey Has New Bout With Law," SF Examiner (1/19/66) & George Dushek, "Baby, It Will Be Cool," SF Examiner (1/9/66)
2/11/66 Paul Jay Robbins, "The Acid Test Is Here," Los Angeles Free Press - report on 2/6/66 AT
3/25/66 Steve White, "UCLA Acid Test Canceled, Grateful Dead Cry Foul," Los Angeles Free Press - 3/19/66 coverage, Rock Scully interview
8/29/66 Paul Savola, "Bike Race to Rookie," Redwood City Tribune (excerpt) - on 8/28/66
9/2/66 La Dolphine Deb Ball - includes excerpts of "Swinging Deb Dance at La Dolphine," SF Chronicle (9/3/66); Frances Moffatt, "The '66 Deb Season - Swinging," SF Chronicle (9/5/66); Joan White, "Brilliant Deb Ball in a Bay Chateau," SF Examiner (9/5/66)
9/13/66 Ralph Gleason, "All That Jazz and Rock Paid Off," SF Chronicle - review of 9/11/66
9/19/66 Robert Strebeigh, "The Grateful Dead to Make the Scene," San Rafael Independent-Journal 
10/66 Whatever It Is - 9/26/66 Larry Maatz, "Whatever It Is Might Even Happen," Daily Gater; 9/29/66 "A Psychedelic Fair," Daily Californian; 9/30/66 Larry Maatz, "Whatever It Is, It's Here," Daily Gater; 10/3/66 Dave Richmond, "Grass Dancers Get Wet," Daily Gater; 10/4/66 "Whatever It Is Triumphs," Daily Gater; 10/5/66 Phil Garlington, "Whatever It Is...It Was," Daily Gater; 10/5/66 Ben Fong-Torres, "Upon Re-Entry From Whatever," Daily Gater; 10/5/66 "What Mattered About Whatever," Daily Gater; 10/5/66 Jann Wenner, "Bread and Circuses" (excerpt), Daily Californian; 10/7/66 Michael Chechik, "Whatever It Is - It Wasn't A Happening" (excerpt), Daily Californian; 10/7/66 "Hunted Psychedelic Novelist Performs Acid Test Here," Daily Gater 
10/5/66 George Reasons, "Strange Story of Bay Area's LSD Millionaire," SF Chronicle - Owsley profile
10/7/66 John Horgan, "Love Pageant Is SF Park Success," San Mateo Times - on 10/6/66 (also includes 10/7/66 "Happy Half Acid Happening," Daily Gater & 10/18/66 letter to editor)
10/19/66 John Morgan, "Rock Is Acid At Party Given by the Grateful Dead," Redding Record-Searchlight
1966 Daily Californian - 2/24/66 Mr. Jones, "Bob Dylan's T.B. & Acid-Rock" (excerpt); 3/31/66 Mr. Jones, "The Prankster's Last Prank;" 4/29/66 Mr. Jones, "Dick Alpert for President" (excerpt); 5/12/66 Mr. Jones, "The Return of Nowhere Man" (excerpt); 10/12/66 Jann Wenner, "Turn On Grandma;" and excerpts from several other non-Dead articles 
1966 Miscellaneous - short reviews of 7/15/66, 9/4/66 & 12/20/66 - excerpts from: 5/22/66 Ralph Gleason, "The Building of a New Music," SF Examiner; 8/15/66 Joan White, "Making the Fillmore Scene," SF Examiner; 9/6/66 Philip Elwood, "A Lively Weekend for Rock and Jazz," SF Examiner; 12/21/66 Philip Elwood, "Otis Redding - Rhythm & Blues Tidal Wave," SF Examiner; 12/9/66 Russ Cone, "Dances Keep Supervisors on Their Toes," SF Examiner

1/67 Jerry Garcia letter
1/3/67 "Ladera Teens Splurge on a Party to Remember," Country Almanac - on 12/17/66; also includes "Teens Go Top Drawer," Ladera Crier (12/66)  
1/6/67 "Big Mama To Aid In Raising of the Dead," California Aggie (excerpt)
1/14/67 Be-In articles - 1/6/67 "The Beginning is the Human Be-In," Berkeley Barb; 1/12/67 "Hippies, Activists Join For Be-In," SF Examiner; 1/16/67 "City's Groovers Gather For Gig," Fremont Argus; 2/16/67 Ellis Spackman, "Hippies Attend Human Be-In," San Bernardino County Sun; 1/15/67 "They Came...Saw...Stared," SF Examiner; 1/20/67 ED Denson, "What Happened at the Hippening," Berkeley Barb; 1/19/67 Kevin McCarthy, "Apocalypse," Santa Clara (excerpt); and excerpts from 1/13/67 Ralph Gleason, "A Brave New Whirl in the Park," SF Chronicle; 1/15/67 "Hippies Run Wild - Jailed" & "Suddenly Out of a Clear Blue Sky," SF Examiner; 1/22/67 "They're Young Seekers, Not Hippies, Says Poet Ginsberg," SF Examiner
2/19/67 "Wild Fun for All at a Happening," SF Examiner - review of 2/12/67
2/23/67 Bob MacKenzie, "Tripping Out in H-A," Oakland Tribune - TV show review 
3/2/67 Richard Goldstein, "The Flourishing Underground," Village Voice - the SF scene
3/67 Garcia Interview by Randy Groenke & Mike Cramer - excerpts as published in Summer 1985 Golden Road, "One Afternoon Long Ago"
3/67 Larry Miller KMPX interview
3/22/67 Ralph Gleason, "A Wild S.F. Weekend of Rock," SF Chronicle - 3/20/67 album release party
4/8/67 Maze TV show, Ralph Gleason interview
4/9/67 Ralph Gleason, "The Sound of a New Generation," Datebook - Garcia & Django (also includes excerpt from Ralph Gleason, "A Brave New Whirl in the Park," SF Chronicle 1/13/67)
4/11/67 Jackie Harper, "Blues-Rock Beat Goes On," Daily Aztec - album review (also includes excerpt from 5/7/67 Ralph Gleason, "The Big Sound of the Bay Area Bands," SF Examiner)
4/13/67 Richard Goldstein, "Albumin," Village Voice - album review
4/12/67 Harris Vincent, "Hippies Are Real People," Daily Utah Chronicle - on 4/9/67 
4/18/67 Digby Diehl, "Kaleidoscope Opens At Embassy Room," LA Times 
4/67 Garcia & Lesh on the Tom Donahue show, KMPX-FM
4/67 Olompali Sunday Times #1
5/67 Olompali Sunday Times #2
5/2-5/67 Don Davis, "Talking Rock," MIT Tech - on Jefferson Airplane & SF bands
5/5/67 Jann Wenner, "The Grateful Dead Rise," Ottawa Journal - reprint of earlier Ramparts article, unknown date
5/12/67 Fresno articles - 5/11/67 "Grateful Dead Plan Fresno Appearance," Fresno Bee; 5/13/67 David Hale, "Grateful Dead, Country Show Are Live Contrast," Fresno Bee (excerpt)
Spring 1967 SF Ballrooms - includes 4/12/67 Robert Friedman, "Winterland Trip," Columbia Daily Spectator; 4/13/67 Dave Felton, "What Happens When Psychedelic Ball Ends?", LA Times; 5/19/67 Jim Toms, "Grateful Dead Stole Show," Daily Kent Stater; 6/4/67 Quentin Crewe, "The Hippies," UK Sunday Mirror (excerpt); 6/19/67 Mitchell Hider, "San Francisco is the Place Where Things are Happening," Nashville Tennessean (& other papers); 11/25/67 David Gumpert, "In San Francisco, It's At the Fillmore," Chicago Daily News; excerpt from 12/4/70 Kathy Bramwell, "Interview: Bob Cohen," Synapse; 7/14/67 Brenda Brooks, "Hippie Haven for Rock Sounds," Daily Gater
6/67 Band Biographies 
6/67 Band Biographies (alternate version) - printed in newsletter and in "The Grateful Dead Are Really Swell," Rock & Roll Magazine, 9/67
6/1/67 "The Grateful Dead Kept Things Lively Hereabouts," Healdsburg Tribune 
6/9/67 "Music Is Hip In Central Park," NY Times - review of 6/8/67
6/67 New York City - includes 6/2/67 "Return of the Hippies," Newsday; 6/2/67 "Cool Scene on NY Green As Hippies Get Their Way," Independent; 6/1/67 "1,000 Hop at New Hippie Happening," New York Daily News; 6/2/67 "Faithful Hippies Come En Messe to Tompkins Sq." (excerpt), NY Daily News; 6/4/67 "What's Hippening in Park," NY Daily News; 6/7/67 Bob Fass radio show excerpts; 6/8/67 Don McNeill, "The Youthquake and the Shook-up Park," Village Voice (excerpts); 6/9/67 "The Music Is Hip In Central Park," NY Times; 6/15/67 "Scenes," Village Voice (excerpt); 6/30/67 Barry Miles, "Miles' Trip: New York," International Times (excerpt); 6/22/67 Richard Goldstein, "San Francisco Bray," Village Voice (abridged); 6/2/67 Howard Crook, "Hippie Happening Goes Haywire," Columbus Republic; and other tidbits & show memories.
6/22/67 Harold Streeter, "Summer of Love Welcomed by Hippies in San Francisco," AP - on 6/21/67 (also includes excerpt from 6/22/67 "Hippie Sun Greeters Stay Around for Moon," SF Examiner)
6/23/67 Sam Silver & Tom Ferguson, "Two Heads Who Grooved," Berkeley Barb & 6/23/67 Richard Ogar, "Scene Askew in Voyeur's View," Berkeley Barb - on 6/21/67 (also includes excerpt from 6/16/67 Robert Hurwitt, "Love-Quake Solstice Foreseen," Berkeley Barb)
6/29/67 Philip Elwood, "Teen-Agers Sit Still For A Fiasco," SF Examiner - review of 6/28/67
7/67 Paul Williams, "Golden Road: A Report on San Francisco," Crawdaddy (excerpt) - review of first album & several "What Goes On" news clips included
7/4/67 "Free Sounds, Free Snacks, Free Sun Highlight Be-In," Stanford Daily - on 7/2/67 (also includes 6/30/67 "Mary Poppins Umbrella Festival, Be-In Scheduled for Sunday," Stanford Daily)
7/8/67 Philip Elwood, "Fest a California Dream-In," Billboard - on Monterey festival (also includes 6/19/67 Philip Elwood, "Dream Came True in Monterey," SF Examiner; an excerpt from Michael Lydon's "Monterey International Pop Festival," 1967; and an excerpt from 6/25/67 John Morthland, "First Pop Music Festival Great Hit At Monterey," San Bernardino Sun-Telegram)
7/14/67 Alf Strand, "It's Just the Music, Man, Not the Body, That Rocks," Vancouver Sun - review of 7/13/67 (also includes 7/13/67 "200-Pound Pig Pen Flies In With Five Grateful Dead," Vancouver Sun) 
7/17/67 Hilda Bryant, "Cool Brave Heat for Gentle Sunday," Seattle Post-Intelligencer - review of 7/16/67 (also includes 7/17/67 "Hippies, Straights Attend Be-In," Seattle Times) 
7/29/67 Bob Dawbarn, "Grateful Dead Plan a Real Hippy Invasion," Melody Maker - Rifkin interview 
8/67 Mike Daly, "Monterey: A Splendid Time For All," Mojo Navigator R&R News - Monterey review (incomplete) 
8/1/67 Volkmar Richter, "Kids Dance in the O'Keefe's Aisles," Toronto Star - review of 7/31/67
8/7/67 Nick Auf der Mar, "Hippie Love-Cry Fills Local Air," Montreal Gazette - on 8/6/67 (also includes 8/5/67 "Peace Rally Slated to Mark Youth Day" excerpt, Montreal Gazette)
8/11/67 Danny Rotholz, "Toronto Audience Apathetic," Buffalo Spectrum - review of 8/5/67 
8/16/67 "Interview with Jerry Garcia," Seattle Helix (first part printed in previous issue)
8/18/67 Eric Steese, "The Grump," Buffalo Spectrum - review of 8/5/67
8/26/67 Kit Morgan, "Jefferson Airplane Buzzes Canadians," Billboard - on Toronto run (also includes excerpt from concert program)
9/1/67 "A Garland for Chocolate George," Berkeley Barb (excerpt) - on 8/28/67 
9/2/67 Philip Jeffers, "Grateful Dead Are Much Alive," SF Chronicle (copy from 8/31/67 "Hippier, Happier Group," Baltimore Sun)  
9/67 Frank Kofsky interview with Jerry Garcia
9/18/67 Pete Johnson, "SF Rock Groups in Bowl Show," LA Times - review of 9/15/67 (also includes 9/8/67 "Jefferson Happening Set To Go," Valley News; and 9/30/67 Tracy Thomas, "Hollywood," New Music Express)
9/21/67 Edward Spring, "The Grateful Dead," Down Beat - album review (also includes excerpt from 4/27/68 Kevin Hamilton, "Youth's Say," the Age)
9/28/67 "Not All Indians Go For Hippies," Salem Capital-Journal - Rolling Thunder
10/2/67 Philip Elwood, "A Big Day For Jazz From UC to the Bay," SF Examiner (excerpt) - review of 10/1/67
10/3/67 "Rock Band Busted," SF Chronicle - the bust (also includes 10/4/67 "Narcos Bag Grateful Dead," Stanford Daily; 10/6/67 "Not Dead Yet," Berkeley Barb; 10/3/67 "Lots of Grass - Grateful Dead Mowed Down," SF Examiner; 10/6/67 "Grateful Dead Tell Their Side of Bust," SF Examiner; and excerpt from 10/4/67 "Grateful Manager Re-Arrested," SF Examiner)
10/27/67 Steve Grant, "Talking Rock," MIT Tech - summary of SF bands
11/9/67 Jann Wenner, "The Dead Did Get It," Rolling Stone - the bust
11/14/67 Pete Johnson, "Three Rock Groups Share Shrine Stage," LA Times - review of 11/10/67
11/17/67 Mike Pearce, "Shrine Freaks Out - Almost," LA Free Press - review of 11/10-11/67 (also includes excerpts of Free Press articles on other non-Dead shows)
11/17/67 Bill Dalton/Tom Law, "Rock: San Francisco, Part II," The Heights - album review 
11/23/67 "Grateful Dead Record," Rolling Stone
12/5/67 Steve Grant, "Airplane Takes Off, Keeps On Flying," MIT Tech - review of Jefferson Airplane 12/2/67
12/12/67 Steve Grant, "Talking Rock," MIT Tech - review of 12/8/67
12/22/67 "Acid King, 4 Helpers in Custody," Salem Capital Journal - Owsley bust (also includes followup pieces from various papers)
12/27/67 Joe Smith letter 

1968 Burton Wolfe, "The New Music and the New Scene" (excerpt from The Hippies)
1/68 Robert Christgau, "Anatomy of a Love Festival," Esquire - Monterey review (excerpt)
1/6/68 "Grateful Dead," Cash Box - review of 12/26-27/67
1/15/68 Bob Rose, "Millionaire Held For LSD," Des Moines Tribune - Owsley profile
1/68 Tour Announcements - 1/19/68 "Two Rock Bands Will Play Here," Eureka Times-Standard; 1/25/68 "Dead Come to Eagles," U of Washington Daily; 1/26/68 "What's Happening," Seattle; 1/26/68 "Grateful Dead To Hold Earthq Wake Here," Portland Vanguard; 1/27/68 "Two Founders of San Francisco Sound Schedule Shows Here," Portland Oregonian; & 2/11/68 "Grateful Dead Will Appear Saturday," Fresno Bee.
1/24/68 Ralph Gleason, "Outside Agitator" (excerpt), SF Chronicle? - review of 1/17/68
1/25/68 "17 Students in Area Arrested," Eureka Times-Standard - also 1/27/68 "Four More Arrests by Eureka Police" 
1/27/68 Tony Leigh, "Live Sound of the Grateful Dead," KRLA Beat
1/30/68 Eugene articles - 1/30/68 Mike Fancher, "Group Leads Psychedelics"; 1/31/68 Ron Baylor, "Grateful Dead Drummer Trips Through Wall of Sound"; 1/31/68 Barb Field, "Light Show Transforms Staid EMU Ballroom"; also show announcements, all from the Oregon Daily Emerald
1/30/68 Jack Berry, "Messenger Rock-Band Impressive," Portland Oregonian - review of QMS 1/29/68 
2/1/68 Scott White, "And the Dead," and JC, "Coney Island of the Viscera," Seattle Helix - reviews of 1/26/68 
2/16/68 "Hippies Support Quentin Paper," Hayward Daily Review (also 2/16/68 Dial Torgerson, "Strike Call Fizzles at San Quentin," LA Times) - reports of 2/15/68
3/7/68 Jan Garden, "Sahara, Mr. Jones?" SF Express Times (excerpt) & 3/8/68 Thomas Benji, "Second Haight Closing Not So Ecstatic," Berkeley Barb (excerpt) - on 3/3/68
3/9/68 "Airplane Flies - Leaves Manager, Battles RCA," Rolling Stone - Airplane & Dead
3/9/68 "Dead Head For Paradise and Points East," Rolling Stone - also includes excerpts from 2/10/68 Michael Lydon, "First European International Pop Festival: Pigpen To Meet Pope?", Rolling Stone
3/12/68 William Glackin, "British Rock Trio Plays Hard Blues," Sacramento Bee - review of 3/11/68 
3/14/68 Bill Wasserzieher, "San Francisco Bands Shortchange Anaheim Audience," Long Beach Press-Telegram - review of 3/8/68
3/15/68 Mick Martin, "Cream Concert," Pony Express - review of 3/11/68 (also includes 10/10/68 Mick Martin, "Of Cream and Concerts," Pony Express)
3/18/68 Ralph Gleason, "A Great Weekend at the Carousel," SF Chronicle - on 3/15-16/68 
Spring/Summer 1968 San Francisco Ballrooms - includes 4/27/68 "SF Ballroom Circuit Grows," Rolling Stone; 8/10/68 "Fillmore Scene Moves To New Carousel Hall," Rolling Stone; and excerpts from Ralph Gleason's SF Chronicle columns of 3/13/68, 6/7/68, and 6/20/68
March-July '68 Carousel Ballroom - includes excerpt from 3/13/68 Ralph Gleason, SF Chronicle; excerpt from 4/27/68 "SF Ballroom Circuit Grows," Rolling Stone; excerpt from 3/18/68 Ralph Gleason, "A Great Weekend at the Carousel," SF Chronicle; excerpts from 6/27/68 Geoffrey Link review, Down Beat & 9/19/68 Pete Welding review, Down Beat & 6/8/68 Philip Elwood, "Ballroom Is No Place for a Concert," SF Examiner; excerpt from 4/25/68 Robert Novick, "Free," SF Express Times; 5/3/68 "Free City Convention Free For All," Berkeley Barb; excerpt from 5/10/68 Jef Jassen, "Let's See, They Say, Every Man Has His Price," Berkeley Barb; 6/6/68 Sandy Darlington, "Ambrosia Cake Falstaff Bliss," SF Express Times; excerpts from 6/7/68 Ralph Gleason, "Strung Between Dreams & Reality," SF Chronicle & 6/30/68 Ralph Gleason, "Changing Role of Ballrooms," SF Examiner; 6/8/68 "Jefferson Airplane Won't Land," SF Examiner; 6/9/68 "Injunction Lifted, Rock Dance Held," Independent Press-Telegram; 6/14/68 TAR, "Carousel Fights Straight Scene for Free Zone," Berkeley Barb; 6/26/68 "Rock 'n' Roll Group Quits Carousel," SF Examiner; 6/28/68 "Bill Graham Gets Carousel," Berkeley Barb; 7/5/68 Jef Jassen, "Carousel Reopens as Fillmore West," Berkeley Barb; 8/10/68 "Fillmore Scene Moves to New Carousel Hall," Rolling Stone; excerpt from 7/10/68 Philip Elwood, "Lots of Room at Fillmore West," SF Examiner; 7/12/68 Tadeusz, "Some Modest Proposals," Berkeley Barb; excerpt from 7/31/68 Sandy Darlington, "Ron Polte: A Good Word for Bill Graham," SF Express Times; 7/7/68 Ralph Gleason, "Death and Life of the Carousel," SF Examiner; excerpt from 12/18/68 beelzebub, "Ain't It A Cryin' Shame?" SF Express Times
4/15/68 Mike Turner, "3,000 Tune In, Turn On For Love-In," Miami Herald - review of 4/14/68
4/16/68 "Hippies Stage Love-In At Miami, Fl," Colorado Springs Gazette (edit of above)
5/6/68 John Kifner, "6,000 in Park Rock to West Coast Sound," New York Times - review of 5/5/68
5/16/68 Annie Fisher, "Be Grateful You're Dead," Village Voice - review of New York run (also includes "3 Grateful Dead Face Dope Charge," South Jersey Courier Post 5/1/68, on roadie bust, and excerpts from stories on Columbia U strike)
5/20/68 Pete Johnson, "The Grape Appears in Rock Club," Los Angeles Times - review of 5/17-18/68 
5/23/68 Sandy Darlington, "What'll You Boys Have? She Asked. Raw Meat, They Answered," SF Express-Times - review of 5/18/68 (also includes 5/20/68 Philip Elwood, "16 Hours of Rock in Dismal Surroundings," SF Examiner; and excerpt from Shrine show review, 5/20/68 Los Angeles Times)
6/6/68 Sandy Darlington, "Ambrosia Cake Falstaff Bliss," SF Express-Times - on the Carousel (also includes "Injunction Lifted, Rock Dance Held" (UPI 6/9/68) & excerpt from Jef Jassen, "Let's See, They Say, Every Man Has His Price," Berkeley Barb 5/10/68)
6/8/68 Philip Elwood, "Ballroom Is No Place for a Concert," SF Examiner - review of 6/7/68 (also includes excerpt from Ralph Gleason, "Changing Role of Ballrooms," SF Examiner 6/30/68)
6/10/68 "Cub Scouts Beat the Airplane," Hayward Daily Review & 6/14/68 "Ghost Scouts Bum Wake with Live Fuzz Help," Berkeley Barb - on 6/9/68 (also includes 6/10/68 "No Permit, So Park Is Quiet," SF Examiner)
6/15/68 Robert Shelton, "Jeff Beck Group Cheered in Debut," New York Times - review of 6/14/68 
6/21/68 DC, "And Grooved the End," Berkeley Barb
6/22/68 Jon Sargent, "Vibrations in the Valley," Arizona Republic - announcement of 6/22/68
6/25/68, "The Very Grateful Dead," SF Chronicle - court appearance (also includes 6/24/68 "Grateful Dead Guilty on Pot, Fined," SF Examiner)
6/27/68 Geoffrey Link, "Jefferson Airplane/Grateful Dead," Down Beat - review of 3/16/68 
7/68 Patricia Kennely, "Pop Talk," Jazz & Pop (excerpt) - 5/68 band interview
7/25/68 Alan Heineman, "Trippin': Impressions of Cream and Jefferson Airplane," Down Beat - live review, non-Dead 
8/26/68 Pete Johnson, "The Grateful Dead Appear At Shrine," Los Angeles Times - review of 8/23/68 (also includes excerpt of 5/20/68 Pete Johnson, LA Times review)
9/14/68 Little Sherri Funn, "Hundreds Die; Only Five Dead," Michigan Daily - Anthem review (also includes 9/4/68 Little Sherri Funn, "Fine-Point Landing for the Airplane," Michigan Daily)
9/28/68 Jim Miller, "Anthem of the Sun," Rolling Stone - album review
10/11/68 Tony Lima, "Grateful Dead - A Winner," MIT Tech - Anthem review
10/12/68 "Sky River Rock Groove," Rolling Stone
10/31/68 Lowell Richards, "Blues Outclasses Rock At Sky River Festival," Downbeat
10/31/68 Philip Elwood, "New Music May Cause History to Repeat Itself," SF Examiner - review of 10/30/68
11/13&16/68 University of Oregon, Eugene - several short pieces from the Oregon Daily Emerald; also includes 11/18/68 "Fake Bomb Ends UO Rock Dance," Eugene Register-Guard
11/21/68 Roger Downey & Max Smith, "Grateful Dead," Seattle Helix - reviews of 11/17/68; also includes 11/15/68 Bob Houston, "The Dead and the Indians," Seattle Post-Intelligencer
11/22/68 Kathy Faes, "Grateful Dead Come Alive," Corvallis High-O-Scope - review of 11/15/68; also includes several preliminary announcements from the OSU Daily Barometer
11/26/68 Clarence Page, "Grateful Dead Testify Their Sound At Concert," Ohio University Post - backstage comments on 11/25/68
11/26/68 Robert Powers, "Grateful Dead Play for Own Amusement," Athens Messenger - review of 11/25/68 (also includes 11/25/68 "Grateful Dead Plan Concert," Athens Messenger; & 12/3/68 "Dissent," letter to the editor, Athens Messenger)
11/29/68 Barry Miles, "Anthem of the Sun," International Times - album review
12/7/68 Jim Knippenberg, "Greatful Dead Concert Captures Participation," & Bob Buten, "Bob Has A Lost Weekend," Cincinnati Enquirer - reviews of 11/29-30/68
12/9/68 WG Tudor, "Rock Going Establishment?", Morning News - review of 12/6/68
12/12/68 Marlene Bordin, "Letters," Detroit Fifth Estate - on 12/1/68
12/17/68 David Mark Dashev, "Grateful Dead Gives Concert," Los Angeles Times - review of 12/13/68 
12/19/68 Geoffrey Link, "Jazz and Pop Announce Engagement," Baltimore Sun
12/20/68 Bob Barnett, "Earwax" (excerpt), Valley State Daily Sundial - review of 12/13/68 
12/24/68 Lewis Segal, "Fish, Grateful Dead in Shrine Rock Concert," LA Times - review of 12/20/68

1968 Anthem of the Sun reviews - includes 11/68 S.L., "The Grateful Dead: Anthem of the Sun," High Fidelity; 8/16/68 Tom Donahue, LA Free Press; 8/22/68 Wayne Harada, Honolulu Advertiser; excerpt of 9/9/68 Ralph Gleason, "Getz's Kind of Music," SF Examiner; 9/20/68 Jef Jassen, Berkeley Barb; 9/27/68 Sandy Lynch, "Raps on Record Rap," Berkeley Barb; excerpts of 9/13/68 Gene Youngblood, "Anthem of the Dead," LA Free Press; 2/21/69 K.L., "Paint It Black," Berkeley Barb

1/4/69 "Grateful Dead - Country Joe - Spirit," Cash Box - review of 12/21/68
1/7/69 Hart & Constanten Bios
1/13/69 Peter Thompson, "Things Fit At Fillmore," Stanford Daily - review of 1/2-4/69
1/22/69 Salahuddin Imam, "Miami Pop Festival: Silver Linings Galore," Harvard Crimson - review of 12/29/68
1/22/69 Jack Evans, "Santana, Dead: Graceful Yet Powerful," El Gaucho - review of 1/17/69 
1/27/69 Dick Alexander, "Avalon Reopens to Slim Crowd," SF Examiner (also includes 1/24/69 "Muffled Avalon Rocks Again," SF Examiner; & 1/25/69 Tom Campbell, "The Sound of Competition," SF Examiner)
2/3/69 "Dead Sock It To 2000 Music Lovers," Minneapolis Tribune - review of 2/2/69
2/3/69 Johan Mathiesen, "New Rock Hall Turns On Heat," Minneapolis Star - review of 2/2/69 (also includes 2/2/69 Allan Holbert, "Grateful Dead To Appear Live At Rock Scene," Minneapolis Tribune)
2/5/69 Gerald Wade, "Crowd Joins Act of Grateful Dead," Omaha World-Herald - review of 2/4/69
2/13/69 F.D. Williams, "The Journey of the Magi" & Joe Anderson, "Flash in the Great Rock Wasteland," Pittsburgh Point - reviews of 2/7/69
2/20/69 Susanna, "Maybe," Village Voice - review of 2/11/69 (also includes 2/20/69 Hollie West, "Janis Joplin's Song Style Leaves Critics In Doubt," Oregonian; & excerpt of 2/22/69 Ed Ochs, "Janis Joplin Jolts, Jars, Jells," Billboard)
2/22/69 "Janis Joplin/Grateful Dead," Cashbox - review of 2/12/69 
2/27/69 J.L. Schmidt, "Slipped Disc," Daily Nebraskan - review of 2/4/69 
3/1/69 Gary Eisler, "Grateful Dead Play Napa Gig," Napa Valley Register - on 2/21-22/69 (also includes "Music Box" excerpt from 2/28/69)
3/3/69 Ralph Gleason, "A Delightful Show at Fillmore West," SF Chronicle - review of 2/27/69
3/15/69 - Paul Nelson, "Janis: the Judy Garland of Rock?" Rolling Stone (excerpt) - review of 2/11/69
3/15/69 "Wheel of Jive," Chicago Seed (excerpt) 
3/17/69 "Olompali Superjam for Bread," Berkeley Barb 
3/18/69 Herb Caen, "One Thing After Another" (excerpt), SF Chronicle - review of 3/15/69 (also includes 1/16/69 Frances Moffatt, "Who's Who," SF Chronicle & 3/17/69 Frances Moffatt, "Who's Who," SF Chronicle, and brief notices from the SF Examiner)
3/28/69 Pete Senoff, "Rose Palace Rocks Weekend Scene," Valley State Daily Sundial - review of 3/22/69  (also includes excerpt of 3/24/69 Pete Johnson, "Brief Bright Life of Rock 'n' Roll," LA Times)
4/5/69 "Celestial Synapse at the Fillmore," Rolling Stone - review of 2/19/69
4/10/69 Ralph Gleason, "Content at the Avalon Ballroom," SF Chronicle - review of 4/6/69
4/12/69 Richard Saltus, "Grateful Dead Unleash Wild Sounds At UA," Arizona Daily Star - review of 4/11/69 (also includes 3/19/69 "U of A Accused of Halting Show," Arizona Republic; & 4/10/69 "Grateful Dead To Make Music At UA Friday," Arizona Daily Star)
4/17/69 J.L. Schmidt, "Slipped Disc," Daily Nebraskan - review of 4/15/69
4/17/69 George Stavis, "Grateful Dead Continue To Amaze," Purdue Exponent - announcement of 4/18/69
4/18/69 "The Living Not Grateful About Grateful Dead," St. Louis Post-Dispatch - on 4/17/69
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1970 Radio Interview with Garcia, Cutler & Hunter
1970 Pigpen interview by Hank Harrison & Bobby Petersen
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12/27/70 KPPC Pasadena FM Radio Interview
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1/23/71 "From the Music Capitals of the World" column, Billboard - tour plans 
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  1. LIA --

    After reading several of the older newspaper articles, I thought about the general tone they had and how it even the tone of criticism back then seemed quite different.

    Having enjoyed all those clips of cops gunning down unarmed people as much as the next guy, I found the newspaper clip that was included in the most recent Dave's Picks (3/28/73) to be somewhat heartening.

    "Police did not report any serious problems with the fans and were philosophic about a group of 30 teenagers who tried to pull down a door facing Dwight Street. 'They backed a car up on the sidewalk and tied a chain around the fender to the door and tried to pull it down. They managed to break the lock. We got there before any of them could get in and chained the door shut. 'You know how kids are," one patrolman said."

    Quite refreshing. These days they probably would have immediately shot the lot of them.

    Anyway, I'm having a great time reading all these old articles and, being a semi-old fart, kind of shaking my head because the tone of the articles reminds me of how different things used to seem. Nothing was bad or dangerous . . . .

    Even the outraged ones have a totally different tone. To kind of paraphrase my impression from a couple I just read "Well, I'm darned if we are going to put up with that amount of litter again. If you want to behave like slobs, no more rock concerts for you . . . ."

    1. Oh, I don't know. Head-bashing & arrests are definitely underrepresented in the articles I've posted so far, but these were middle-class concerts, not ghetto riots. There have been some cultural changes - the number of gatecrashers & bomb threats in the early '70s (and the passive response to them) is bewildering to read about today - and perhaps society was more open then; but the country was certainly no more peaceful then than it is now. Police could be more benign in some areas & settings, but it's hard to generalize. Repression takes different forms, and police presence at Dead shows should be measured not by the number of people injured, but by the number of people who had to serve time afterwards.

      For a good look at cop/audience relations in the early '70s, check the banter after Bertha in the 11/11/71 show: