Feb 19, 2012

January 1969: Mickey & Tom Bios

Mickey Hart: born September 11, 1943, started music when he was 10 -- played drums and brass instruments, attended Lawrence HS in Long Island, aims in HS: "to get out as quickly and safely as possible." After school, was in the Air Force and became a captain. Then was a private investigator in N.Y.C. He had a gun and still does. Came to California to strike it rich, got a music store and drum factory. Then came the GRATEFUL DEAD. He met Bill at the Fillmore when Count Basie was playing. "As legend has it, we tockademied all night. Then went to sleep at sunrise."

Tom Constanten: born March 19, 1944, in Long Branch, New Jersey. His instrument is the keyboard -- he has had 15 years of study on classical piano. He was a student of Luciano Berio, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Pierre Boulez, Henri Poussent. He studied astronomy at Instituto Tecnologico in Mexico. He is a scientologist level 4 and has Relief H.O.F. degree. He has had many performances of his concert work with orchestra and has made appearances as composer and pianist. He holds modest degree in karate.

Postscript on Mickey Hart: The first time he played with the Grateful Dead was at the Straight Theater. "The band was loud. They were playing Viola Lee Blues with a screaming monstrous bass sound. After the first set, I got my drums and played the whole second set with them. There were 2 drummers, we played Alligator and for the first time went into feedback, creating a real open sound."

(typed on January 7, 1969, on the official GD letterhead)

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