May 23, 2013

March 17, 1969: Winterland


A "Superjam" dance and concert will be thrown at Winterland this Monday, St. Patrick's Nite, to benefit the Chosen Family that was busted and burned out at Rancho Olompali in Novato.
Featured will be musicians from the leading Bay Area rock groups, according to Bob McKendrick from Olompali, the Airplane, the Dead, and Sons of Champlin are expected to show up; also jamming will be the Garden of Delights, and a blues-rock group new to San Francisco, Red Mountain. Glen McKay's Headlights will provide enlightenment for all.
The Superjam is for a good cause...something like 18 to 20 people from Olompali haven't the bread to pay their attorney's fees, and they are all homeless, as Burdell Mansion on Olompali burned down after the bust.
The Benefit is being sponsored by the Deja Vu Foundation, Inc., in association with Crinkle Productions, and will happen at Winterland, Post and Steiner Streets in The City.
That's Monday, March 17th, from 8:30 pm till 1 am; donation asked at the door will be $3.00...for some beautiful people.

(from the Berkeley Barb, March 17 1969)

Thanks to Lost Live Dead

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This post was originally a notice for a new documentary being produced about Rancho Olompali, which was in the fund-raising stage. They have now raised their funding goal. The original post:

I thought you might want to know about a new documentary we're producing about Rancho Olompali, where the Dead lived for a short time during 1966, called "Olompali: A California Story." The film is about the history of Olompali and will focus primarily on my late father, Don McCoy, who started a commune there in 1967. I was there the day the Dead came to the ranch to have their photo taken by Tom Weir for the back cover of Aoxomoxoa, and appear in the photo next to Jerry along with my sister and friends, some of whom went to live with Mickey at his ranch when the mansion at Olompali burned down. My mother, Paula McCoy, lived across the street from the Dead at 715 Ashbury and was good friends with Bill Graham and Peter Coyote, among many others.

You can check out a trailer for the film and get more information by going to our KickStarter page, which we're using to raise funds to finish the film:

If you feel it's a worthwhile project, we would really appreciate your help in spreading the word! KickStarter is an "all or nothing" proposition, so every little bit helps, and any help we can get to increase awareness of the project would be fantastic.

Thanks very much,
Maura McCoy

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