Mar 1, 2012

February 1970: Fillmore West announcement


The Grateful Dead, Taj Mahal, and Bigfoot will appear at Fillmore West, 1545 Market, Thursday through Sunday, February 5 through 8. Lights will be by Brotherhood of Light.
The Fillmore West dance-concerts begin at 8:30 p.m., end at 2 a.m. Admission is $3 Thursday and Sunday; $3.50 Friday and Saturday.

The Grateful Dead, since 1966 one of San Francisco's best and best-loved bands, are on the charts with their fourth Warner Brothers LP, "Live Dead". The new album, according to Ralph J. Gleason, "far and away the best thing the Dead have offered," includes live tracks which display the spontaneity, improvisational and musical brilliance which characterize the group's in-person performances.
On national tour during much of 1969, the Dead have steadily grown in both popularity and musicianship. And, as Fusion Magazine recently noted, "this is their year. Whether it be from a growing musical acumen on the part of their audience, a starring role in Tom Wolfe's "Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test", or simply that they are one of the only living reminders of the Summer of Love," Fusion said, "suddenly great gobs of people have turned on the group, giving them a series of packed houses, screaming audiences, and fans whose devotion borders on the mystical."
Prior album releases by the Grateful Dead include: "Grateful Dead", "Anthem of the Sun", and "Aoxomoxoa".

Also on the charts with his third Columbia LP, "Giant Step", is blues specialist Taj Mahal. "Giant Step", a double record set, displays many facets of Taj's musical abilities: as a writer, arranger, singer and musician, a master of both urban and country blues styles. Previously released LPs include "Taj Mahal" and "Nach'l Blues".
Taj's engaging vocals, relaxed stage manner and warm personality have established him as one of rock music's most enjoyable and entertaining performers. A natural musician, he sings and plays guitar, piano, harmonica, bass and several other instruments.
Besides Taj, the group also includes Cherokee Indian Jesse Edwin Davis on lead guitar and keyboards; Gary Gilmore, bass; and Chuck Blackwell, drums.

(from the Fremont News-Register, January 29 1970)

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