Aug 6, 2012

Index of Articles

This index will be kept updated as I add articles.

7/64 Mother McCrees Interview
6/5/65 "Temper Tantrum Rages," Cash Box (also 6/5/65 "Warlocks Cut Tantrum Disk," Billboard)  
11/65 Israel Young, "Frets and Frails," Sing Out! (excerpt) 
12/13/65 Ralph Gleason, "Lesson for the SF in the Mime Benefit," SF Chronicle - review of 12/10/65
1/66 Acid Test & Trips Festival articles, SF Chronicle - includes Gleason's articles "The Acid Test and Other Marvels" (1/7/66), "It Was Quite A Weekend!" (1/10/66), "One Wild Night - A Trips Festival" (1/24/66), "Censure, Praise for Trips Festival" (1/30/66), and the Trips Festival handbill; Mr. Jones, "The Trips Festival," Daily Californian (2/4/66); Mr. Jones, "Can You Pass the Acid Test?" Daily Californian (2/10/66); also "Innocent Bystander," Cincinnati Enquirer (1/22/66) and excerpts from "Author Kesey Has New Bout With Law," SF Examiner (1/19/66) & George Dushek, "Baby, It Will Be Cool," SF Examiner (1/9/66)
2/11/66 Paul Jay Robbins, "The Acid Test Is Here," Los Angeles Free Press - report on 2/6/66 AT
3/25/66 Steve White, "UCLA Acid Test Canceled, Grateful Dead Cry Foul," Los Angeles Free Press - 3/19/66 coverage, Rock Scully interview
8/29/66 Paul Savola, "Bike Race to Rookie," Redwood City Tribune (excerpt) - on 8/28/66
9/2/66 La Dolphine Deb Ball - includes excerpts of "Swinging Deb Dance at La Dolphine," SF Chronicle (9/3/66); Frances Moffatt, "The '66 Deb Season - Swinging," SF Chronicle (9/5/66); Joan White, "Brilliant Deb Ball in a Bay Chateau," SF Examiner (9/5/66)
9/13/66 Ralph Gleason, "All That Jazz and Rock Paid Off," SF Chronicle - review of 9/11/66
9/19/66 Robert Strebeigh, "The Grateful Dead to Make the Scene," San Rafael Independent-Journal 
10/66 Whatever It Is - 9/26/66 Larry Maatz, "Whatever It Is Might Even Happen," Daily Gater; 9/29/66 "A Psychedelic Fair," Daily Californian; 9/30/66 Larry Maatz, "Whatever It Is, It's Here," Daily Gater; 10/3/66 Dave Richmond, "Grass Dancers Get Wet," Daily Gater; 10/4/66 "Whatever It Is Triumphs," Daily Gater; 10/5/66 Phil Garlington, "Whatever It Is...It Was," Daily Gater; 10/5/66 Ben Fong-Torres, "Upon Re-Entry From Whatever," Daily Gater; 10/5/66 "What Mattered About Whatever," Daily Gater; 10/5/66 Jann Wenner, "Bread and Circuses" (excerpt), Daily Californian; 10/7/66 Michael Chechik, "Whatever It Is - It Wasn't A Happening" (excerpt), Daily Californian; 10/7/66 "Hunted Psychedelic Novelist Performs Acid Test Here," Daily Gater 
10/5/66 George Reasons, "Strange Story of Bay Area's LSD Millionaire," SF Chronicle - Owsley profile
10/7/66 John Horgan, "Love Pageant Is SF Park Success," San Mateo Times - on 10/6/66 (also includes 10/7/66 "Happy Half Acid Happening," Daily Gater & 10/18/66 letter to editor)
10/19/66 John Morgan, "Rock Is Acid At Party Given by the Grateful Dead," Redding Record-Searchlight
1966 Daily Californian - 2/24/66 Mr. Jones, "Bob Dylan's T.B. & Acid-Rock" (excerpt); 3/31/66 Mr. Jones, "The Prankster's Last Prank;" 4/29/66 Mr. Jones, "Dick Alpert for President" (excerpt); 5/12/66 Mr. Jones, "The Return of Nowhere Man" (excerpt); 10/12/66 Jann Wenner, "Turn On Grandma;" and excerpts from several other non-Dead articles 
1966 Miscellaneous - short reviews of 7/15/66, 9/4/66 & 12/20/66 - excerpts from: 5/22/66 Ralph Gleason, "The Building of a New Music," SF Examiner; 8/15/66 Joan White, "Making the Fillmore Scene," SF Examiner; 9/6/66 Philip Elwood, "A Lively Weekend for Rock and Jazz," SF Examiner; 12/21/66 Philip Elwood, "Otis Redding - Rhythm & Blues Tidal Wave," SF Examiner; 12/9/66 Russ Cone, "Dances Keep Supervisors on Their Toes," SF Examiner

1/67 Jerry Garcia letter
1/3/67 "Ladera Teens Splurge on a Party to Remember," Country Almanac - on 12/17/66; also includes "Teens Go Top Drawer," Ladera Crier (12/66)  
1/6/67 "Big Mama To Aid In Raising of the Dead," California Aggie (excerpt)
1/14/67 Be-In articles - 1/6/67 "The Beginning is the Human Be-In," Berkeley Barb; 1/12/67 "Hippies, Activists Join For Be-In," SF Examiner; 1/16/67 "City's Groovers Gather For Gig," Fremont Argus; 2/16/67 Ellis Spackman, "Hippies Attend Human Be-In," San Bernardino County Sun; 1/15/67 "They Came...Saw...Stared," SF Examiner; 1/20/67 ED Denson, "What Happened at the Hippening," Berkeley Barb; 1/19/67 Kevin McCarthy, "Apocalypse," Santa Clara (excerpt); and excerpts from 1/13/67 Ralph Gleason, "A Brave New Whirl in the Park," SF Chronicle; 1/15/67 "Hippies Run Wild - Jailed" & "Suddenly Out of a Clear Blue Sky," SF Examiner; 1/22/67 "They're Young Seekers, Not Hippies, Says Poet Ginsberg," SF Examiner
2/19/67 "Wild Fun for All at a Happening," SF Examiner - review of 2/12/67
2/23/67 Bob MacKenzie, "Tripping Out in H-A," Oakland Tribune - TV show review 
3/2/67 Richard Goldstein, "The Flourishing Underground," Village Voice - the SF scene
3/67 Garcia Interview by Randy Groenke & Mike Cramer - excerpts as published in Summer 1985 Golden Road, "One Afternoon Long Ago"
3/67 Larry Miller KMPX interview
3/22/67 Ralph Gleason, "A Wild S.F. Weekend of Rock," SF Chronicle - 3/20/67 album release party
4/8/67 Maze TV show, Ralph Gleason interview
4/9/67 Ralph Gleason, "The Sound of a New Generation," Datebook - Garcia & Django (also includes excerpt from Ralph Gleason, "A Brave New Whirl in the Park," SF Chronicle 1/13/67)
4/11/67 Jackie Harper, "Blues-Rock Beat Goes On," Daily Aztec - album review (also includes excerpt from 5/7/67 Ralph Gleason, "The Big Sound of the Bay Area Bands," SF Examiner)
4/13/67 Richard Goldstein, "Albumin," Village Voice - album review
4/12/67 Harris Vincent, "Hippies Are Real People," Daily Utah Chronicle - on 4/9/67 
4/18/67 Digby Diehl, "Kaleidoscope Opens At Embassy Room," LA Times 
4/67 Garcia & Lesh on the Tom Donahue show, KMPX-FM
4/67 Olompali Sunday Times #1
5/67 Olompali Sunday Times #2
5/2-5/67 Don Davis, "Talking Rock," MIT Tech - on Jefferson Airplane & SF bands
5/5/67 Jann Wenner, "The Grateful Dead Rise," Ottawa Journal - reprint of earlier Ramparts article, unknown date
5/12/67 Fresno articles - 5/11/67 "Grateful Dead Plan Fresno Appearance," Fresno Bee; 5/13/67 David Hale, "Grateful Dead, Country Show Are Live Contrast," Fresno Bee (excerpt)
Spring 1967 SF Ballrooms - includes 4/12/67 Robert Friedman, "Winterland Trip," Columbia Daily Spectator; 4/13/67 Dave Felton, "What Happens When Psychedelic Ball Ends?", LA Times; 5/19/67 Jim Toms, "Grateful Dead Stole Show," Daily Kent Stater; 6/4/67 Quentin Crewe, "The Hippies," UK Sunday Mirror (excerpt); 6/19/67 Mitchell Hider, "San Francisco is the Place Where Things are Happening," Nashville Tennessean (& other papers); 11/25/67 David Gumpert, "In San Francisco, It's At the Fillmore," Chicago Daily News; excerpt from 12/4/70 Kathy Bramwell, "Interview: Bob Cohen," Synapse; 7/14/67 Brenda Brooks, "Hippie Haven for Rock Sounds," Daily Gater
6/67 Band Biographies 
6/67 Band Biographies (alternate version) - printed in newsletter and in "The Grateful Dead Are Really Swell," Rock & Roll Magazine, 9/67
6/1/67 "The Grateful Dead Kept Things Lively Hereabouts," Healdsburg Tribune 
6/9/67 "Music Is Hip In Central Park," NY Times - review of 6/8/67
6/67 New York City - includes 6/2/67 "Return of the Hippies," Newsday; 6/2/67 "Cool Scene on NY Green As Hippies Get Their Way," Independent; 6/1/67 "1,000 Hop at New Hippie Happening," New York Daily News; 6/2/67 "Faithful Hippies Come En Messe to Tompkins Sq." (excerpt), NY Daily News; 6/4/67 "What's Hippening in Park," NY Daily News; 6/7/67 Bob Fass radio show excerpts; 6/8/67 Don McNeill, "The Youthquake and the Shook-up Park," Village Voice (excerpts); 6/9/67 "The Music Is Hip In Central Park," NY Times; 6/15/67 "Scenes," Village Voice (excerpt); 6/30/67 Barry Miles, "Miles' Trip: New York," International Times (excerpt); 6/22/67 Richard Goldstein, "San Francisco Bray," Village Voice (abridged); 6/2/67 Howard Crook, "Hippie Happening Goes Haywire," Columbus Republic; and other tidbits & show memories.
6/22/67 Harold Streeter, "Summer of Love Welcomed by Hippies in San Francisco," AP - on 6/21/67 (also includes excerpt from 6/22/67 "Hippie Sun Greeters Stay Around for Moon," SF Examiner)
6/23/67 Sam Silver & Tom Ferguson, "Two Heads Who Grooved," Berkeley Barb & 6/23/67 Richard Ogar, "Scene Askew in Voyeur's View," Berkeley Barb - on 6/21/67 (also includes excerpt from 6/16/67 Robert Hurwitt, "Love-Quake Solstice Foreseen," Berkeley Barb)
6/29/67 Philip Elwood, "Teen-Agers Sit Still For A Fiasco," SF Examiner - review of 6/28/67
7/67 Paul Williams, "Golden Road: A Report on San Francisco," Crawdaddy (excerpt) - review of first album & several "What Goes On" news clips included
7/4/67 "Free Sounds, Free Snacks, Free Sun Highlight Be-In," Stanford Daily - on 7/2/67 (also includes 6/30/67 "Mary Poppins Umbrella Festival, Be-In Scheduled for Sunday," Stanford Daily)
7/8/67 Philip Elwood, "Fest a California Dream-In," Billboard - on Monterey festival (also includes 6/19/67 Philip Elwood, "Dream Came True in Monterey," SF Examiner; an excerpt from Michael Lydon's "Monterey International Pop Festival," 1967; and an excerpt from 6/25/67 John Morthland, "First Pop Music Festival Great Hit At Monterey," San Bernardino Sun-Telegram)
7/14/67 Alf Strand, "It's Just the Music, Man, Not the Body, That Rocks," Vancouver Sun - review of 7/13/67 (also includes 7/13/67 "200-Pound Pig Pen Flies In With Five Grateful Dead," Vancouver Sun) 
7/17/67 Hilda Bryant, "Cool Brave Heat for Gentle Sunday," Seattle Post-Intelligencer - review of 7/16/67 (also includes 7/17/67 "Hippies, Straights Attend Be-In," Seattle Times) 
7/29/67 Bob Dawbarn, "Grateful Dead Plan a Real Hippy Invasion," Melody Maker - Rifkin interview 
8/67 Mike Daly, "Monterey: A Splendid Time For All," Mojo Navigator R&R News - Monterey review (incomplete) 
8/1/67 Volkmar Richter, "Kids Dance in the O'Keefe's Aisles," Toronto Star - review of 7/31/67
8/7/67 Nick Auf der Mar, "Hippie Love-Cry Fills Local Air," Montreal Gazette - on 8/6/67 (also includes 8/5/67 "Peace Rally Slated to Mark Youth Day" excerpt, Montreal Gazette)
8/11/67 Danny Rotholz, "Toronto Audience Apathetic," Buffalo Spectrum - review of 8/5/67 
8/16/67 "Interview with Jerry Garcia," Seattle Helix (first part printed in previous issue)
8/18/67 Eric Steese, "The Grump," Buffalo Spectrum - review of 8/5/67
8/26/67 Kit Morgan, "Jefferson Airplane Buzzes Canadians," Billboard - on Toronto run (also includes excerpt from concert program)
9/1/67 "A Garland for Chocolate George," Berkeley Barb (excerpt) - on 8/28/67 
9/2/67 Philip Jeffers, "Grateful Dead Are Much Alive," SF Chronicle (copy from 8/31/67 "Hippier, Happier Group," Baltimore Sun)  
9/67 Frank Kofsky interview with Jerry Garcia
9/18/67 Pete Johnson, "SF Rock Groups in Bowl Show," LA Times - review of 9/15/67 (also includes 9/8/67 "Jefferson Happening Set To Go," Valley News; and 9/30/67 Tracy Thomas, "Hollywood," New Music Express)
9/21/67 Edward Spring, "The Grateful Dead," Down Beat - album review (also includes excerpt from 4/27/68 Kevin Hamilton, "Youth's Say," the Age)
9/28/67 "Not All Indians Go For Hippies," Salem Capital-Journal - Rolling Thunder
10/2/67 Philip Elwood, "A Big Day For Jazz From UC to the Bay," SF Examiner (excerpt) - review of 10/1/67
10/3/67 "Rock Band Busted," SF Chronicle - the bust (also includes 10/4/67 "Narcos Bag Grateful Dead," Stanford Daily; 10/6/67 "Not Dead Yet," Berkeley Barb; 10/3/67 "Lots of Grass - Grateful Dead Mowed Down," SF Examiner; 10/6/67 "Grateful Dead Tell Their Side of Bust," SF Examiner; and excerpt from 10/4/67 "Grateful Manager Re-Arrested," SF Examiner)
10/27/67 Steve Grant, "Talking Rock," MIT Tech - summary of SF bands
11/9/67 Jann Wenner, "The Dead Did Get It," Rolling Stone - the bust
11/14/67 Pete Johnson, "Three Rock Groups Share Shrine Stage," LA Times - review of 11/10/67
11/17/67 Mike Pearce, "Shrine Freaks Out - Almost," LA Free Press - review of 11/10-11/67 (also includes excerpts of Free Press articles on other non-Dead shows)
11/17/67 Bill Dalton/Tom Law, "Rock: San Francisco, Part II," The Heights - album review 
11/23/67 "Grateful Dead Record," Rolling Stone
12/5/67 Steve Grant, "Airplane Takes Off, Keeps On Flying," MIT Tech - review of Jefferson Airplane 12/2/67
12/12/67 Steve Grant, "Talking Rock," MIT Tech - review of 12/8/67
12/22/67 "Acid King, 4 Helpers in Custody," Salem Capital Journal - Owsley bust (also includes followup pieces from various papers)
12/27/67 Joe Smith letter 

1968 Burton Wolfe, "The New Music and the New Scene" (excerpt from The Hippies)
1/68 Robert Christgau, "Anatomy of a Love Festival," Esquire - Monterey review (excerpt)
1/6/68 "Grateful Dead," Cash Box - review of 12/26-27/67
1/15/68 Bob Rose, "Millionaire Held For LSD," Des Moines Tribune - Owsley profile
1/68 Tour Announcements - 1/19/68 "Two Rock Bands Will Play Here," Eureka Times-Standard; 1/25/68 "Dead Come to Eagles," U of Washington Daily; 1/26/68 "What's Happening," Seattle; 1/26/68 "Grateful Dead To Hold Earthq Wake Here," Portland Vanguard; 1/27/68 "Two Founders of San Francisco Sound Schedule Shows Here," Portland Oregonian; & 2/11/68 "Grateful Dead Will Appear Saturday," Fresno Bee.
1/24/68 Ralph Gleason, "Outside Agitator" (excerpt), SF Chronicle? - review of 1/17/68
1/25/68 "17 Students in Area Arrested," Eureka Times-Standard - also 1/27/68 "Four More Arrests by Eureka Police" 
1/27/68 Tony Leigh, "Live Sound of the Grateful Dead," KRLA Beat
1/30/68 Eugene articles - 1/30/68 Mike Fancher, "Group Leads Psychedelics"; 1/31/68 Ron Baylor, "Grateful Dead Drummer Trips Through Wall of Sound"; 1/31/68 Barb Field, "Light Show Transforms Staid EMU Ballroom"; also show announcements, all from the Oregon Daily Emerald
1/30/68 Jack Berry, "Messenger Rock-Band Impressive," Portland Oregonian - review of QMS 1/29/68 
2/1/68 Scott White, "And the Dead," and JC, "Coney Island of the Viscera," Seattle Helix - reviews of 1/26/68 
2/16/68 "Hippies Support Quentin Paper," Hayward Daily Review (also 2/16/68 Dial Torgerson, "Strike Call Fizzles at San Quentin," LA Times) - reports of 2/15/68
3/7/68 Jan Garden, "Sahara, Mr. Jones?" SF Express Times (excerpt) & 3/8/68 Thomas Benji, "Second Haight Closing Not So Ecstatic," Berkeley Barb (excerpt) - on 3/3/68
3/9/68 "Airplane Flies - Leaves Manager, Battles RCA," Rolling Stone - Airplane & Dead
3/9/68 "Dead Head For Paradise and Points East," Rolling Stone - also includes excerpts from 2/10/68 Michael Lydon, "First European International Pop Festival: Pigpen To Meet Pope?", Rolling Stone
3/12/68 William Glackin, "British Rock Trio Plays Hard Blues," Sacramento Bee - review of 3/11/68 
3/14/68 Bill Wasserzieher, "San Francisco Bands Shortchange Anaheim Audience," Long Beach Press-Telegram - review of 3/8/68
3/15/68 Mick Martin, "Cream Concert," Pony Express - review of 3/11/68 (also includes 10/10/68 Mick Martin, "Of Cream and Concerts," Pony Express)
3/18/68 Ralph Gleason, "A Great Weekend at the Carousel," SF Chronicle - on 3/15-16/68 
Spring/Summer 1968 San Francisco Ballrooms - includes 4/27/68 "SF Ballroom Circuit Grows," Rolling Stone; 8/10/68 "Fillmore Scene Moves To New Carousel Hall," Rolling Stone; and excerpts from Ralph Gleason's SF Chronicle columns of 3/13/68, 6/7/68, and 6/20/68
March-July '68 Carousel Ballroom - includes excerpt from 3/13/68 Ralph Gleason, SF Chronicle; excerpt from 4/27/68 "SF Ballroom Circuit Grows," Rolling Stone; excerpt from 3/18/68 Ralph Gleason, "A Great Weekend at the Carousel," SF Chronicle; excerpts from 6/27/68 Geoffrey Link review, Down Beat & 9/19/68 Pete Welding review, Down Beat & 6/8/68 Philip Elwood, "Ballroom Is No Place for a Concert," SF Examiner; excerpt from 4/25/68 Robert Novick, "Free," SF Express Times; 5/3/68 "Free City Convention Free For All," Berkeley Barb; excerpt from 5/10/68 Jef Jassen, "Let's See, They Say, Every Man Has His Price," Berkeley Barb; 6/6/68 Sandy Darlington, "Ambrosia Cake Falstaff Bliss," SF Express Times; excerpts from 6/7/68 Ralph Gleason, "Strung Between Dreams & Reality," SF Chronicle & 6/30/68 Ralph Gleason, "Changing Role of Ballrooms," SF Examiner; 6/8/68 "Jefferson Airplane Won't Land," SF Examiner; 6/9/68 "Injunction Lifted, Rock Dance Held," Independent Press-Telegram; 6/14/68 TAR, "Carousel Fights Straight Scene for Free Zone," Berkeley Barb; 6/26/68 "Rock 'n' Roll Group Quits Carousel," SF Examiner; 6/28/68 "Bill Graham Gets Carousel," Berkeley Barb; 7/5/68 Jef Jassen, "Carousel Reopens as Fillmore West," Berkeley Barb; 8/10/68 "Fillmore Scene Moves to New Carousel Hall," Rolling Stone; excerpt from 7/10/68 Philip Elwood, "Lots of Room at Fillmore West," SF Examiner; 7/12/68 Tadeusz, "Some Modest Proposals," Berkeley Barb; excerpt from 7/31/68 Sandy Darlington, "Ron Polte: A Good Word for Bill Graham," SF Express Times; 7/7/68 Ralph Gleason, "Death and Life of the Carousel," SF Examiner; excerpt from 12/18/68 beelzebub, "Ain't It A Cryin' Shame?" SF Express Times
4/15/68 Mike Turner, "3,000 Tune In, Turn On For Love-In," Miami Herald - review of 4/14/68
4/16/68 "Hippies Stage Love-In At Miami, Fl," Colorado Springs Gazette (edit of above)
5/6/68 John Kifner, "6,000 in Park Rock to West Coast Sound," New York Times - review of 5/5/68
5/16/68 Annie Fisher, "Be Grateful You're Dead," Village Voice - review of New York run (also includes "3 Grateful Dead Face Dope Charge," South Jersey Courier Post 5/1/68, on roadie bust, and excerpts from stories on Columbia U strike)
5/20/68 Pete Johnson, "The Grape Appears in Rock Club," Los Angeles Times - review of 5/17-18/68 
5/23/68 Sandy Darlington, "What'll You Boys Have? She Asked. Raw Meat, They Answered," SF Express-Times - review of 5/18/68 (also includes 5/20/68 Philip Elwood, "16 Hours of Rock in Dismal Surroundings," SF Examiner; and excerpt from Shrine show review, 5/20/68 Los Angeles Times)
6/6/68 Sandy Darlington, "Ambrosia Cake Falstaff Bliss," SF Express-Times - on the Carousel (also includes "Injunction Lifted, Rock Dance Held" (UPI 6/9/68) & excerpt from Jef Jassen, "Let's See, They Say, Every Man Has His Price," Berkeley Barb 5/10/68)
6/8/68 Philip Elwood, "Ballroom Is No Place for a Concert," SF Examiner - review of 6/7/68 (also includes excerpt from Ralph Gleason, "Changing Role of Ballrooms," SF Examiner 6/30/68)
6/10/68 "Cub Scouts Beat the Airplane," Hayward Daily Review & 6/14/68 "Ghost Scouts Bum Wake with Live Fuzz Help," Berkeley Barb - on 6/9/68 (also includes 6/10/68 "No Permit, So Park Is Quiet," SF Examiner)
6/15/68 Robert Shelton, "Jeff Beck Group Cheered in Debut," New York Times - review of 6/14/68 
6/21/68 DC, "And Grooved the End," Berkeley Barb
6/22/68 Jon Sargent, "Vibrations in the Valley," Arizona Republic - announcement of 6/22/68
6/25/68, "The Very Grateful Dead," SF Chronicle - court appearance (also includes 6/24/68 "Grateful Dead Guilty on Pot, Fined," SF Examiner)
6/27/68 Geoffrey Link, "Jefferson Airplane/Grateful Dead," Down Beat - review of 3/16/68 
7/68 Patricia Kennely, "Pop Talk," Jazz & Pop (excerpt) - 5/68 band interview
7/25/68 Alan Heineman, "Trippin': Impressions of Cream and Jefferson Airplane," Down Beat - live review, non-Dead 
8/26/68 Pete Johnson, "The Grateful Dead Appear At Shrine," Los Angeles Times - review of 8/23/68 (also includes excerpt of 5/20/68 Pete Johnson, LA Times review)
9/14/68 Little Sherri Funn, "Hundreds Die; Only Five Dead," Michigan Daily - Anthem review (also includes 9/4/68 Little Sherri Funn, "Fine-Point Landing for the Airplane," Michigan Daily)
9/28/68 Jim Miller, "Anthem of the Sun," Rolling Stone - album review
10/11/68 Tony Lima, "Grateful Dead - A Winner," MIT Tech - Anthem review
10/12/68 "Sky River Rock Groove," Rolling Stone
10/31/68 Lowell Richards, "Blues Outclasses Rock At Sky River Festival," Downbeat
10/31/68 Philip Elwood, "New Music May Cause History to Repeat Itself," SF Examiner - review of 10/30/68
11/13&16/68 University of Oregon, Eugene - several short pieces from the Oregon Daily Emerald; also includes 11/18/68 "Fake Bomb Ends UO Rock Dance," Eugene Register-Guard
11/21/68 Roger Downey & Max Smith, "Grateful Dead," Seattle Helix - reviews of 11/17/68; also includes 11/15/68 Bob Houston, "The Dead and the Indians," Seattle Post-Intelligencer
11/22/68 Kathy Faes, "Grateful Dead Come Alive," Corvallis High-O-Scope - review of 11/15/68; also includes several preliminary announcements from the OSU Daily Barometer
11/26/68 Clarence Page, "Grateful Dead Testify Their Sound At Concert," Ohio University Post - backstage comments on 11/25/68
11/26/68 Robert Powers, "Grateful Dead Play for Own Amusement," Athens Messenger - review of 11/25/68 (also includes 11/25/68 "Grateful Dead Plan Concert," Athens Messenger; & 12/3/68 "Dissent," letter to the editor, Athens Messenger)
11/29/68 Barry Miles, "Anthem of the Sun," International Times - album review
12/7/68 Jim Knippenberg, "Greatful Dead Concert Captures Participation," & Bob Buten, "Bob Has A Lost Weekend," Cincinnati Enquirer - reviews of 11/29-30/68
12/9/68 WG Tudor, "Rock Going Establishment?", Morning News - review of 12/6/68
12/12/68 Marlene Bordin, "Letters," Detroit Fifth Estate - on 12/1/68
12/17/68 David Mark Dashev, "Grateful Dead Gives Concert," Los Angeles Times - review of 12/13/68 
12/19/68 Geoffrey Link, "Jazz and Pop Announce Engagement," Baltimore Sun
12/20/68 Bob Barnett, "Earwax" (excerpt), Valley State Daily Sundial - review of 12/13/68 
12/24/68 Lewis Segal, "Fish, Grateful Dead in Shrine Rock Concert," LA Times - review of 12/20/68

1968 Anthem of the Sun reviews - includes 11/68 S.L., "The Grateful Dead: Anthem of the Sun," High Fidelity; 8/16/68 Tom Donahue, LA Free Press; 8/22/68 Wayne Harada, Honolulu Advertiser; excerpt of 9/9/68 Ralph Gleason, "Getz's Kind of Music," SF Examiner; 9/20/68 Jef Jassen, Berkeley Barb; 9/27/68 Sandy Lynch, "Raps on Record Rap," Berkeley Barb; excerpts of 9/13/68 Gene Youngblood, "Anthem of the Dead," LA Free Press; 2/21/69 K.L., "Paint It Black," Berkeley Barb

1/4/69 "Grateful Dead - Country Joe - Spirit," Cash Box - review of 12/21/68
1/7/69 Hart & Constanten Bios
1/13/69 Peter Thompson, "Things Fit At Fillmore," Stanford Daily - review of 1/2-4/69
1/22/69 Salahuddin Imam, "Miami Pop Festival: Silver Linings Galore," Harvard Crimson - review of 12/29/68
1/22/69 Jack Evans, "Santana, Dead: Graceful Yet Powerful," El Gaucho - review of 1/17/69 
1/27/69 Dick Alexander, "Avalon Reopens to Slim Crowd," SF Examiner (also includes 1/24/69 "Muffled Avalon Rocks Again," SF Examiner; & 1/25/69 Tom Campbell, "The Sound of Competition," SF Examiner)
2/3/69 "Dead Sock It To 2000 Music Lovers," Minneapolis Tribune - review of 2/2/69
2/3/69 Johan Mathiesen, "New Rock Hall Turns On Heat," Minneapolis Star - review of 2/2/69 (also includes 2/2/69 Allan Holbert, "Grateful Dead To Appear Live At Rock Scene," Minneapolis Tribune)
2/5/69 Gerald Wade, "Crowd Joins Act of Grateful Dead," Omaha World-Herald - review of 2/4/69
2/13/69 F.D. Williams, "The Journey of the Magi" & Joe Anderson, "Flash in the Great Rock Wasteland," Pittsburgh Point - reviews of 2/7/69
2/20/69 Susanna, "Maybe," Village Voice - review of 2/11/69 (also includes 2/20/69 Hollie West, "Janis Joplin's Song Style Leaves Critics In Doubt," Oregonian; & excerpt of 2/22/69 Ed Ochs, "Janis Joplin Jolts, Jars, Jells," Billboard)
2/22/69 "Janis Joplin/Grateful Dead," Cashbox - review of 2/12/69 
2/27/69 J.L. Schmidt, "Slipped Disc," Daily Nebraskan - review of 2/4/69 
3/1/69 Gary Eisler, "Grateful Dead Play Napa Gig," Napa Valley Register - on 2/21-22/69 (also includes "Music Box" excerpt from 2/28/69)
3/3/69 Ralph Gleason, "A Delightful Show at Fillmore West," SF Chronicle - review of 2/27/69
3/15/69 - Paul Nelson, "Janis: the Judy Garland of Rock?" Rolling Stone (excerpt) - review of 2/11/69
3/15/69 "Wheel of Jive," Chicago Seed (excerpt) 
3/17/69 "Olompali Superjam for Bread," Berkeley Barb 
3/18/69 Herb Caen, "One Thing After Another" (excerpt), SF Chronicle - review of 3/15/69 (also includes 1/16/69 Frances Moffatt, "Who's Who," SF Chronicle & 3/17/69 Frances Moffatt, "Who's Who," SF Chronicle, and brief notices from the SF Examiner)
3/28/69 Pete Senoff, "Rose Palace Rocks Weekend Scene," Valley State Daily Sundial - review of 3/22/69  (also includes excerpt of 3/24/69 Pete Johnson, "Brief Bright Life of Rock 'n' Roll," LA Times)
4/5/69 "Celestial Synapse at the Fillmore," Rolling Stone - review of 2/19/69
4/10/69 Ralph Gleason, "Content at the Avalon Ballroom," SF Chronicle - review of 4/6/69
4/12/69 Richard Saltus, "Grateful Dead Unleash Wild Sounds At UA," Arizona Daily Star - review of 4/11/69 (also includes 3/19/69 "U of A Accused of Halting Show," Arizona Republic; & 4/10/69 "Grateful Dead To Make Music At UA Friday," Arizona Daily Star)
4/17/69 J.L. Schmidt, "Slipped Disc," Daily Nebraskan - review of 4/15/69
4/17/69 George Stavis, "Grateful Dead Continue To Amaze," Purdue Exponent - announcement of 4/18/69
4/18/69 "The Living Not Grateful About Grateful Dead," St. Louis Post-Dispatch - on 4/17/69
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1970 Radio Interview with Garcia, Cutler & Hunter
1970 Pigpen interview by Hank Harrison & Bobby Petersen
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12/27/70 KPPC Pasadena FM Radio Interview
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1/23/71 "From the Music Capitals of the World" column, Billboard - tour plans 
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??/71 Phil Lesh Interview by Hank Harrison
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9/24/71 WB promo letter
10/4/71 WB Circular (excerpt on Dead albums)
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March 1972 Dead Head Newsletter - excerpt
1972 Dead Head Newsletters - March to December excerpts
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March 1972 letter to media & tour itinerary 
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Late 1974 Wall of Sound article, from newsletter
Late 1974 Robert Hunter farewell note, from newsletter

January 1975 "Robert Hunter: Dark Star," Crawdaddy - excerpt from Hunter letter
February 1975 Deadhead Newsletter
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July 1975 Blues for Allah promo letter
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January 1976 Deadhead Newsletter - excerpt
May 1976 Diga Rhythm Band promotional bio - excerpt on 9/20/68 show

1981 John Platt, "Mickey Hart: Rhythm Devil," Comstock Lode #9 - Hart interview (also includes excerpts from Ken Hunt, "Mickey Hart: Thunder Rolling," Swing 51 #13)