Aug 20, 2022

Europe '72 Notebook - Photo Outtakes

This is simply a collection of some extra venue photos I gathered for the Europe '72 Notebook that wouldn't fit in that post.... 
April 7-8 
Empire Pool, Wembley

                                                                                (Under construction, 1930s)
                                                                                        (Not the Dead....) 

April 11 
City Hall, Newcastle

April 14 & 17
Tivolis Konsertsal, Copenhagen 

April 16 
Stakladen, Aarhus University 

April 21 
Beat Club, Bremen 

(I couldn't find any outside pictures of the studio building, but here are some production shots from an earlier era when the stage setup was different....) 

April 24 
Rheinhalle, Düsseldorf
(I couldn't find any picture of what the interior looked like at the time; it's been remodeled but this gives an idea of the size.)

April 26 
Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt 

April 29 
Musikhalle, Hamburg 

                                                                                    (Not the Dead....) 
May 3-4 
Olympia Theater, Paris 

                                                                                            (Not the Dead....) 
May 7 
Bickershaw Festival, Wigan 

May 10 
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam 

May 11 
De Doelen, Rotterdam 

May 13 
Esplanade, Lille 

The Dead played in the Esplanade du Champ de Mars, on the edge of what is now a parking lot (but is also used as a fairground), with the Canal de la Deule behind them. 

May 16 
Villa Louvigny, Luxembourg 

May 18 
Kongress-Saal, Deutsches Museum, Munich

May 23-26 
Lyceum Ballroom, London 

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